Ins and Outs of Embedded Journalism

My Ph.D. program is off to a start. I was studying late into the night a few nights ago and my 11-year old cousin said excitedly, “Oh you procrastinate just like I do!” And I said, “No, habibi, I’m trying not to drown!” Between school, freelance work, my internship with Food Tank, and my assistantship, life is insane. Thankfully, I am still able to place the embedded journalism front and center. Whether it’s developing its philosophy, pedagogy and training, or practicing, I have had the opportunity to dig into embedded journalism this semester.

As an assignment for my mentored course “Philosophies of Alternative Journalism” I have been studying various journalism resources (texts, videos, articles, etc…). My focus in this class has been to understand the various journalistic philosophies and their politics, as well as the impact of those philosophies on their practice.

Embedded journalism is an amalgamation of components of these philosophies, methodologies, and practices. As I have engaged with these resources, I have been creating a list of questions, most of which I still have no answer to, but am excited to keep digging into.

Questions Inspired By Today’s Homework (Linked at the bottom)

How does embedded journalism inspire and inform public discourse? As a method of evaluating embedded journalism, how do we measure quality and impact on public discourse?

What are the ethical practices of embedded journalism-in-practice?

Import and impact of (old/new) funding and funding models?

What does an embedded journalism newsroom (model and methodology) look and act like?

What and how do embedded journalists and embedded journalism newsroom seek to inform people about?

What is the “global knowledge network” within embedded journalism? What is required for this? Components and structures? (Jaspan)

What is the contextualized thinking in embedded journalism which connects local, national, and global social movements?

What do values like “accuracy, impartiality, context, and depth” mean for embedded journalism? (Orchard)

The questions above were inspired by my analysis and reflection on these two Youtube clips:

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