My name is Cirien Saadeh; I am a community organizer, journalist, and graduate student. No matter what I am doing, however, I am a writer.

My hope, with this blog, is to use this space to learn how to tell my story and how to better talk about the world.  I use writing, no matter if its journalism, blogging, or even note-taking, to try and make sense where sense can’t be made. This project will focus on issues on inequity, on the development of language we can use around these issues, and on the collection of community and personal stories.

My perspectives on life and the world, like all of us are shaped by my experiences. I am an Arab-American woman in my late 20s. I have grown up all over the Midwest and have now settled in Minnesota, though I attend a small (but powerful) liberal arts college in Arizona, Prescott College, in its limited-residency program.

I chose to share my writing (and related information) publicly, because I am uncomfortable with doing so. My personal goal these past few years has been to push that which gives me discomfort further away. I also want to use this public forum as a means of holding myself accountable to developing my voice in community. I also hope that this public forum allows for me to participate in important conversations, but I also wish for this space to become the host of new and continued conversations.



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